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How to slim down thighs

How to slim down thighs Depending on the type of images, women generally have two major problems

Depending on the type of images, women generally have two major problems in the form of Lord of the apple pieces in the fight nailer around the abdomen, while women with pear picture of despair because of the thighs and buttocks As for the stomach .. there are many methods and tips, and his loss is very likely, on the thighs, but a serious problem.
Unfortunately, the most sensitive part of the thigh to the inner part of their fat muffins such that rub against each other during walking is almost impossible to eradicate, but it can smooth the skin and its strength, giving the visual effect of a plus.
leg exercises are difficult, because you must be careful that they do not charge too much if we cut a circle, and not vice versa. If you select a stationary bike for example, pedaƂujmy long, but at low load, if the load is too great a risk BOX muscles, not their wysmukleniem.
Run, do not let us do it professionally, but recreational truchcie from some distance.
We can also perform exercises at home. For example, lie on your back, and simple, unified, we put your feet up, so to form a right angle with the floor. Then his former leg from side to side, hold moments in this position and to return them to the connector. It is an exercise for the inner thighs.
very important When training legs, it is necessary to expand the muscles, you should always find time after training. We sit in the solution
in and slowly reach for your hands to one another and the other leg. If we can already do this, we can start working at the forefront knee in this position.
standing at attention in the simple execution starts bending your legs and try to get to the subsequent stages. first to touch the toes with your fingers, then fingers dotykami floor, the third step is to get all his fingers touch the floor. If we noon to touch the whole hand is very good and great if you touched his forehead to his knees.
Suitable wysmukli stretch muscles and improve our mood.
thighs should also be subjected to torture every day in the shower. Most probably familiar with these method, however, because of a reminder, this is a rough sponge massage, rinse with warm and cold water, drying with a strong abrasive towel and rubbing lotion on the end of the weight loss. this everyday it will bring good results over time in a smooth and beautiful skin on the thighs.

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