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How to use the milk for him

How to use the milk for body care We know that it strengthens hair, nails and bones, it also prevents tooth decay

We know that strengthens hair, nails and bones, it also prevents tooth decay, however, is rarely remembered his valuable cosmetic properties, which discovered an ancient Queen of course talk about Cleopatra, who was known for his bath .. in milk. Turns that it is not only unreasonable whims of ancient beauty. milk contains enzymes, minerals, vitamins A, D, B5 and B12, as well as proteins and fats that are beneficial effects on sensitive skin.
Masks for dry skin and tired Br
Bath straight from Cleopatra bath wake seductress in every woman and give her good humor. In a tub of warm water Dissolve the first 1/4 kg salt, then pour the hot milk liter, dissolved in a cup of honey. No electricity, we do not feel like a queen in the bathtub.

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