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How to remove chocolate stains from

How to remove chocolate stains from knowing how to remove stains from chocolate is critical for all of their fans

Knowing how to remove stains from chocolate is critical for all of their fans wondering what to do when the chocolate sauce will fall on the carpet or a child touches the hand ubrudzonymi sofa in chocolate Here are tips on how.? How to remove stains from chocolate clothing, upholstered furniture and carpets. Savor the taste of chocolate so without fear of any stains.
u Remove chocolate stains from clothes. / u
Remove excess clothing
chocolate. Be careful, however, , and try not to spread an even wider area.
Pour some stain remover on the stain, which is generally used for pre-washing fabrics.
Wash your clothes in the highest possible temperature for the fabric, so that the chocolate stains should disappear. If you have stains on white fabric, use chlorine, but if the color of dirty clothes, use a bleach specifically designed for them.
right out of the machine, make sure the stain is gone. If necessary, repeat the entire opera. not dry the clothes, the stain does not come to an end, because it may be the only way to fix this.
u Remove chocolate stains from upholstery. / u Remove
the excess chocolate to cover. Be careful and try not to increase its surface.
two Ch cup of cold water and one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent ready. Using a sponge, wipe the stain with the prepared solution and apply it with a clean white cloth. sure to be future brides
u FACE / u For
u. / U Try to keep your skin looking young and fresh still the best solution would be the imposition of coloring moisturizing moisturizer or foundation. Note that the primers work with yellow flash.
Use bronzing powder to warm skin tone. distribute it gently with a brush in places where the sun in a natural way to get .. - Forehead, cheeks, nose
seafront Cons: / u Do not apply powder is shining and the photosensitive substrate in the images can be easily converted to the negative glow
not in use. .. too many gifts of the sun just before the wedding sunburn, skin peels and strong lines imposed bronzing creams can really hurt you in this beautiful day
Do not go overboard with the frosting - too much powder can make your skin will look. anemic in pictures
u EYES / u
u for: / u Use special brow powder or gel is definitely deeper in color than the natural color of your hair. If your eyebrows are thin, gently fill them with an eyebrow pencil in light, neutral shades, and then using a powder brush for eyebrows and create a natural look.
As for eyeliner, it is most appropriate will be black or brown, while the shadows to emphasize the color of your eye lash curler
use, and then apply 2 coats of mascara -. make sure the first coat is dry before the next commit -. Waterproof mascara is always a good choice - no longer hold and come down if a few tears uronisz
Cons seafront .. / U Do not use too intense pencils and shadows highlight eyebrows will look more stunning than strictly There should not be too trendy. - .. what now seems like a good and consistent with current trends in the idea several years ago May seem ridiculous
not overdo it too many layers of mascara will make your lashes will look deformed

. / U
Luckily, short dresses are those that extend from below the ass, to above the knee. This ensures that every woman can find something for everyone, regardless of whether they are linked complexes with their feet or not. If you have a very long and shapely legs, you can choose the shortest version of the dress. There are dresses with gathering and multi-colored baubles and bows. Each woman will surely choose something for your line.
u flash and sparkle. / U
If you had a chance to go a great dress, now is the best time. There are many dress covered with beads and sequins from head to toe, which will reflect any light. But you are not interested in the glow of that amount? There are many dresses with sparkling accessories in small quantities. While designers create dresses are covered with numerous shiny cekinówi beads are also available toned dresses, which also does not look bad or boring. You can choose a dress shirt or without. Everything is up to you.
u Dress in several ways. / U
If you have shapely shoulders dress in different ways will be perfect for you. This dress can be worn on belts strapless, with a V-shaped neck, arms crossed on his back, on one shoulder and the different types of tapes. This dress can be worn several times, but always looked like a new outfit. In addition, this dress will emphasize your bust and waist increases. This type of dress can flow freely or be adapted to the body.
u Lady in Red / u
year 2011 is also red. There should be enough for any carnival ball. Red material may be clean and can be combined with sequins, ruffles and lace. . If you are a woman Wamp is a color that is right for you
u black lace / u
black lace, feathers, tassels and ruffles are vintage style - a hit in 2011! Lace reigns everywhere - appears on the dresses, handbags and even shoes. If you have a dress made of smooth wear their lace leggings.

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