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How to nurture your hair in winter

How to nurture your hair dry winter air in the house and outside frost can worsen the condition of your hair

Dry air in the house and outside frost can worsen the condition of your hair in winter it is easy to dry hair must take appropriate
, and this season to protect them from harmful substances .. outside.
Dressed head cap or hood to protect hair from frost and wind, but also remember that coverage can not be in harmony with it too tightly. Otherwise adversely affect the blood circulation.
daily use hair conditioner.
odżywisz After your hair , keep them moist by rinsing with cold water. will add shine.
Do not go outside with wet hair. If frost hair snugly and easily get damaged.
Try not to dry wet hair dryer. Limit the use of Hair straightener or curling iron.
If you want to use the hair straightener or, earlier, apply protective device for the hair without rinsing ..
Avoid washing your hair in warm water, and that the sauna hot air can damage the hair and dry hair and scalp better body wash in lukewarm water -. or even in the cold, if you can handle -.
moisturize hair masks and specially designed equipment.
If you wash your hair dry, use a special shampoo to wash and drying or use, such as baby powder. Sprinkle with the hair and then comb it impossible.

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