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Home remedies for dark circles under the eyes

. Home remedies for dark circles under eyes dark circles under the eyes caused by lack of sleep, prolonged sun exposure, poor eating habits or even stress

Dark circles under the eyes caused by lack of sleep, prolonged sun exposure, poor eating habits or even the stress they are therefore the factors that we face every day, but the most important factor genes and heredity .. If our mothers have dark circles under the eyes, and we expect that, although we have changed our way of life is very healthy. However, dark circles under the eyes can be significantly reduced. only that, the skin around the eye care, regular sleep, eat healthy, do not stay long in the sun, no stress, and apply a few tricks Enjoy breathtaking views
u cucumber / u Cucumber contains antioxidants such as phenolic acids and peroxidase - Enzyme in the group ... - .. to stimulate blood flow They also contain vitamin K, which increases the production of proteins, and also stimulates blood flow therefore, cucumbers are a great tool in the fight against the shadows under the eyes, but unfortunately the effects are long lasting. and treatment should be repeated. Place cucumber slices in the refrigerator for five to ten minutes. Then put them on your closed Soak two cloves of aesthetic. Keep a few minutes.
u milk and honey. / U You can also create a mask with a teaspoon of milk powder and. teaspoon of honey Mix the ingredients and cover both dark circles under the eyes for fifteen to .... twenty minutes the mask, natural and safe effects seen
u Tea / u If you pay the regular tea bags on your eyes, you will notice a change. Shadows will disappear, and the eyes a rest. antioxidants contained in tea stimulate blood circulation. Example soaked bags on your eyes and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Repeat often. You can use a variety of teas, for example, Chamomile to soothe tired eyes, and the fruit will nourish your skin.
seafront ice cubes. / U cold will stimulate blood circulation around the eyes. In addition, the tissue during the cleanse. Wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply to affected skin under the eyes for ten minutes. Avoid direct contact with cold eyes, because it is too invasive to the eye. and while working in the same dark circles under them.

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