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How to care for shoes

Caring for your shoes shoe care will look like new

care for no more shoes will look like new Here are some ways to prolong your life and keep a good look
Priska especially impregnated leather boots to protect against moisture this ... will protect them from rain and snow , and other adverse weather conditions.
new shoe cobbler to nail you with a special protective fleki soles and heels and soles on. These are the parts of shoes, which as a result of abrasion damage the fastest. Thank stain protective soles are in excellent condition for years
If the day is not going to wear some shoes, do not hide them immediately cabinet Give them time, let it dry .. breathe. - for example, after rain, or when sweaty feet -.
It is important that take care of the inner boat shoes, especially if you sweat rate Wipe shoes inside a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol with the addition of tea tree oil This should disinfect and refresh .. inside the shoe.
Use insoles to absorb moisture and can be easily removed and washed .
use rules for shoes. best are those of cedar. Insoles for shoes can absorb. all the moisture you can also buy cheaper Rule of plastic deformation to the prevent the shoes while they are stored in a cramped closet
Pastuj shoes regularly Outdoor factors - ... water, salt, dirt, pollution - damage to the shoes outside. Therefore, we always clean the shoes first, then wypastowańá. paste it moisturizes the skin, which are made boots, protects against moisture and seems to remain in good condition for longer. polish can hide small scratches.

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