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How to care for oily hair

Hair blond blond hair look nice, but if they are well cared for

blonde hair look nice, but if they are well cared for deciding on the oxidation of the most important hair or blue, not all of us are aware that most blondes just have to take care of their proper care. Hair. Blue is much more demanding than any other color. But here are some tips to help keep this beautiful color.
Before you go to the pool, wash your hair and apply conditioner on them, without rinsing. devices will help to protect hair from Chlorine and other chemicals in the water. Sometimes hair to women who often go to the pool, make a green under the influence of excessive amounts of chemicals present in chlorinated water.
While many in the sun, try to protect your hair by imposing a cap the head scarves and hats. sun dried oxidized hair, making them more tedious and tiring. In extreme cases, they can acquire a reddish color. far better to prevent such situations, prophylactic care of their hair.
systematically Remember hydration, especially when suszysz hair dryer or use a curling iron or straightener. If possible, try to use these devices no more than 1-2 times a week. If you use them every day, remember to impose an extra moisturizing formulation of strong hair.
Invest in a good shampoo device and blonde hair. These cosmetics will help you maintain a beautiful hair color. coloring, do not forget to sign fixed to the end of the color.

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