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How to store mascara

Mascara How to save money is less and less these days and do not have enough to replace every now and then mascara

Less money these days and do not have enough to replace every now and then mascara ink can actually be replaced after 3 months, but what do you do that for so long served us well? Read the following tips will tell you to extend the life of mascara.
ink stick in a dark place at room temperature. It can be a drawer. Do not keep it in the sun.
may be several reasons for the formation of lumps in our ink after several weeks of use. Perhaps the not properly closed, always be sure to hit him good. Sometimes when youre in a hurry, I do not see that there is a thread about half. remove with a damp cloth to prevent drying of ink in the box.
not constantly try to insert and remove the brush from the package. When you do pump up the center of unwanted air.
Brush helps prolong the life of the ink. applicator can be cleaned with Vaseline or cosmetic make-up remover cream. Do this every third or fourth use of ink. Do not use for paper towels or wipes, toothbrushes left small fragments, which will certainly contribute to the creation of lumps in the ink. Use a clean cotton cloth, and for this purpose is an old shirt cut into smaller pieces.
After three months, replace the ink. mascara should have and use for a longer period of time. Then he begins to dry and can lead to eye infections. Throw it in the trash and buy new ink.

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