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How to thin nail varnish

To dilute the nail polish Tired of rejection of half empty, dry nail polish Bring new life to them?

Tired of rejection
half empty, dry nail polish Bring new life to them, read this tip and youll learn how to thin nail varnish and prolong its life
Fra?.. For thinning paints, You will need half a bottle of acetone paint you will need 1/4 teaspoon of acetone, and a quarter of the bottle .. 1/8 teaspoon As you can see, this is a very small amount S.
Fill the bottle easy to measure the amount previously acetone. If you notice that the color is still dense and dry, you can add some of this measure. careful not to overdo. Too much acetone will destroy your paint.
spin the bottle and shake well. Let stand for 15 minutes, acetone had to work. In the case of dry paint will have to wait another 15 minutes.
sure to dilute the paint before you use it, and shaken. Its use should be as easy as the first day
To maintain the freshness of color, from time the time to add a few drops of acetone.

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