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How to choose a purse

How to choose a handbag Women love handbags

Women love handbags Are collectors, we can choose a dress, wear them all our treasures, but every woman is different and not everyone answers the same bag is what you need .. to be guided to choose for themselves the appropriate
handbag bag to fit your body composition Let the bag will be proportional to your size: medium or large ... fluffy ladies, small or average for women medium build and a small fine for the ladies, of course, you can break this rule, but remember that the inflection in either side all looking good. When you choose your shoulder bag or one that przewieszasz over your shoulder, make sure the belt bag has the correct length for you. Select
bag for the occasion every day -. bag on his shoulder, the dresses - kopertówka, for the evening -. small bag in his hand
Think about your lifestyle to buy a new handbag, but what it is you serve.? No need to buy a bag that looks like its predecessor. You may have already retired and need not carry so much stuff? then you need a small, shapely bag in hand. Or maybe you need to bring your laptop or book? not have to wear a simple black laptop bag, just przystroisz its original motive, or select any bag, briefcase, or even a bag rogue - in the form of croissant -. if he can keep things
Pay attention to daily activities. Women who travel a lot or go to school, you probably will enjoy a backpack or bag with long strap, przewieszanych over his shoulder. These bags are roomy, and in addition to better protect our documents strictly adhere to the body.
Consider what style you wear most often. work in the office every day and wear neutral, and not scary costumes? will be best for you an elegant bag or hand. For women who like sharp colors and attractive jewelry, will be the best clutch bags or bags in neutral colors.
Keep your spine. Women who suffer from back problems instead of bags to carry backpacks or small bags przewieszane over his shoulder. Choose a bag with a wide , flat belt and never overload them.

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