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How to keep clothes

How to store clothes store clothing is not just another in a closet after washing

clothing is not only up to second in the laundry closet for more storage, we are dealing with changes in time, when the summer heat is not fully use the sweaters and coats, so we should be careful to put together Similarly, when. . It was cold to care for summer clothes. Below you will find information on how to store various pieces of clothing for as little as possible and destroy mięły.
blouses and sweaters deposits, and if you are very thin, put a thick layer of paper welinowego, which prevents excessive wrinkles. sweaters can also be wrapped in paper and put clothes in plastic bags.
leather insert the cloth bags of paper or foil welinowym to breathe. Hang in most airy place in the government, for the skin too dry and not cracked.
jackets, coats and jackets. Przyfastryguj pockets with long, loose seams and packing clothing in plastic bags tight, if you prefer, you can use the cover. If clothing is extensive, non-wearing of buttons, not odkształciło.
raincoats, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent - especially the collar and cuffs -. let it dry, and then hide a plastic bag
Skirts wear special inserts in tension. - the spring - which will skirt lose shape przyfastryguj pleated skirt along the bottom edge of the set folds flat and pleated slide with a cut in stocking feet ..

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