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How to tan to protect your skin from melanoma

Tan How to protect your skin from the suns rays melanoma in reasonable quantities useful for our health, contributing to the rise of our skin essential vitamin D3

in reasonable quantities are beneficial to our health, contributing to the rise of our skin essential vitamin D3, however, avoid using them in large quantities Excessive sun favors the formation of skin tumors .. especially dangerous melanoma. Here are some tips on how to wise to use the sun.
Use creams with a large filter. cream so should be individually adjusted, knowing ones skin type and your reactions to the sun. UV thick white cream the best protection with the highest faktorach, leaving a visible film on the skin. cream to should consist of both UVA and UVB rays. Keep in mind that the use of these creams do not extend the time you spend in the sun.
RUB a sunscreen in the body for 20 - 30 minutes before the sun, it must have time to absorb this treatment repeated every 2 hours Be sure to use waterproof cream, if you go to bathe in water
prevent dry skin do not forget .... appropriately moist. use cosmetic moisturizers, oils or lotions after tanning. Do not forget your lips, they are much more sensitive. Use protective lipstick.
not tan in the most intense hours of radiation. Fri avoid the hours of 11-15 in the afternoon sunshine, always looking for penumbra and shadow, but if you must go to the sun, do not forget your hat and sunglasses glasses wear thin clothes with a densely woven material
Cover peppers and any other signs ... we recommend the use of so-called sunblocker├│w - ... cosmetics, which almost completely defend your skin from the sun nevi are likely to be specially protected because they contain pigment cells can be transformed into malignant and can develop into melanoma People with many moles are often suffering from melanoma ... Look, therefore, your moles regularly
Solarium not tan for more than 5 - 7 minutes Some sunbeds emit several times more powerful from the Sun at noon I will use the solarium, therefore, may increase the risk ... is the lack of use of any material and creams, tanning accelerators.

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