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How to fight wrinkles mimicznymi

How to fight wrinkles mimicznymi Contraction of facial muscles, depending on the mood

contraction of facial muscles, depending on the mood - express feelings such as joy, sadness, surprise, anger, called mimicry Repeat the quirkiness of time may pass into the habit of contributing to persistent facial wrinkles .. They can occur regardless of age, Even among the young, the reduction of skin elasticity. There are always desirable, but not everyone add charm. How to fight them, read below.
particularly susceptible to the formation of facial wrinkles his forehead. Horizontal and vertical wrinkles around the nose by the time the result recurrent wrinkles when figuring out or express surprise. To avoid wrinkles and massage your face with circular movements, starting from the nose moves toward the temple.
crows feet radiating from the outer corner of the eye, resulting in frequent and rounded vision wytężania They are also a sign of joy -. folds of laughter -. To avoid them we have a very young age to use the best cream with vitamin E, a vitamin of youth and fully tighten the skin around the eyes.
Wrinkles around the mouth can be formed on the banks of the lower or upper lip as a result Pick out your mouth, or when they often end up corners of the mouth and called out the snout. best of these is a wrinkle cream. contains collagen, you can also train the muscles of the face, mouth wide open and hug them tight confinement, and then the skin is elastic and wrinkles are formed more slowly
horizontal fracture of the neck -. to some extent related to the construction of doors, a large impact on the deepening of the head movements are continuous and the plight of the neck during sleep to too high a pillow -. best to sleep on a small shaft or neck Jasiek was tense all the time it is a good exercise for the neck to tighten facial
.. br creation and deepening of wrinkles can be stopped by our studios in the mirror facial expressions and refraining from certain reflexes, such as squinting, wrinkling of the forehead, drag the corners of his mouth. but lets not exaggerate, because the dead person becomes artificial. Remember that a smile is all decoration.

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