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A recipe for longevity how to live long?

Recipe for longevity

u 1 - Set the sleep / u - this is not so important how many hours you sleep, and that if you sleep in the same time is also important that your sleep is not disturbed .. If you wake up, wake up something in the meantime, has the highest impact on your condition that day also, one day should not sleep less than 5 hours
u 2 - Drink plenty of water .. / u - Start the day with a glass of water, naturally carbonated Daily powinneĊ› her Drink no less than 1.5 liters of water cleanses the body of toxins
3 - ... Drink a glass of red wine a day / u - positive effects on
12 - Eat garlic / u - is good for your immune system and powinnien protect you from colds.

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