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What are the symptoms of concussion?

What are the symptoms of concussion u Brain Wreck / u, and u earthquake / u arising from head injury

u Brain Wreck / u, and u earthquake / u arising from head injury seafront concussion symptoms / u depends on the severity of injury
Typical symptoms of an earthquake brain:
immediate loss of consciousness or perception of reality przytomnościzakłócony odd behavior manifested loss of memory, especially about events that preceded the emergence urazuból głowynudności, and sometimes bad samopoczuciedrżenie wymiotyogólne arms and legs, feel soft foot problems concentrations / ul
concussion symptoms gradually go - it takes about 2-3 days usually lasts longer than the head and neck pain
It should be borne in mind that the symptoms of concussion can occur relatively later ... Because of possible effects of a concussion should go doctor as soon as possible. also recommends watching the people with symptoms of concussion than 24 hours after the accident.

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