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Or jaundice may be the cause of CMV?

Or jaundice can cause one of the symptoms of cytomegalovirus CMV infection is jaundice and not vice versa

One of the symptoms of CMV infection is jaundice and not vice versa cytomegalovirus can catch the same way and has a very przyziębienie pdobne symptoms, so it is very difficult to distinguish from ordinary przyziębienia
cytomegalovirus .. Other symptoms are: enlarged liver, spleen, skin rash, pneumonia, retinitis, and enlarged lymph nodes
If you are pregnant, it is important to give the tests in the first quarter, and we would not infected with cytomegalovirus disease .. This will cause the unborn childs mental retardation, deafness and other birth defects after disease infection during pregnancy can lead to severe congenital neonatal infection
For more information about this disease will find the following link: .. Links / u

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