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How to think where to start?

As I begin to meditate meditation u / u is an excellent tool for achieving success, but mainly to get rid of stress from our lives?

u Meditation / u is an excellent tool for achieving success, but mainly to get rid of stress from our lives when we are exposed to prolonged stress, our body begins to function poorly, we become weak and susceptible the disease. To prevent this, it is worth taking a few minutes a day for meditation. It can be practiced freely at any time, but it is worth to keep a few rules to be successful, and after her performance will feel like a born-again .
meditation sit down or lie down, if we have a chance, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and let the mind and body relaxed.
u De-/ u should start from head to toe. There several ways to effectively relax the muscles. One is tightening and relaxing each body part, other less natural is easy to imagine that a lot of the body is relaxed and comfortable feeling the impact of freedom in this place. often do not realize that we are tense, just as exercise does us aware of this condition and allows to get rid of.
next step should be a relaxation of the countdown.
u number / u from the more or less, you can start to count from 20 to one, and when we get ability to shorten the count 10-1 during the countdown, it is important to visualize different numbers. We can do it in the imagination to pull them with chalk on the board, or a stick in the sand.
After deduction of the imagination, we can move on u refugium / u - the Latin word for shelter - it is called an ideal place to relax
refugium basic idea is that we feel is nice .... It certainly can be a place known to us, or We invented a whole, we can create our true place in nature or on a distant planet, we can do everything here - to fly, swim with sea creatures - remember, it is our imagination & ndash and do not limit
next step in meditation the u visualization / u, or imagining images that will help us achieve that goal upright. it can be to improve our condition. health, financial status, relationships paintings created in the imagination of the allegory - go to our subconscious mind and make positive changes in our lives.
Effective visualization, one in which the goal that we want you to imagine, as a betrayal. If owning a red BMW in the visualization should have a BMW and drive. To achieve better performance, turn on all the senses with their ideas .
feels stronger and more effective would be in meditating
are also an important element of the seafront affirmation / u, which is a short, positive statements created in the first person at the time made, which are designed to change negative, limiting beliefs.
Here are some examples: Affirmations ...
● Every day in every way Im getting better and better
● I love, love, respect and appreciate each other
● My body and My mind is always in perfect health
● afford to do, to have more than you ever wanted.
● We welcome all measures helpful in achieving success.
affirmations and pictures that are used during the holiday results in better positions to each other, life and people. They give you a much better opportunity to analyze and solve problems and look at it from afar.
u last stage is the output of meditation / u. slowly move to full consciousness in the mind to reject 1-5 imagining numbers and I think that when you have finished meditation, we rested, full of desire and enthusiasm for action.
After meditation, open your eyes, stretch and slowly rise.
consumption in this funny how a few minutes a day will feel the positive effects of meditation on our lives.

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