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How to deal with stress at work and private life

How to deal with stress at work and private life u Stress / u is an imbalance due to physical or psychological factors

u Stress / u is an imbalance of physical or psychological factors accompany us in all spheres of life has a different substrate and different origins, however, although it would prefer to avoid it is an essential part of our lives . not his presence, however, lack the ability to cope with it is the cause of many diseases and physical and mental.
So how to deal with it?
first u Relaxation / u - this is the process of moving our body and mind in balance is effectively neutralizes harmful psychological and physiological effects of human action in a world full of stress compliance and success Relaxation gives us time for a vacation where we can delve in. .. in it. give body, mind and soul power solving problems of everyday life.
silencing using the above technique we can achieve so desired peace of mind today seafront / u and u harmony / u. If relaxing 2-3 times a day, the body has time to find its inner balance and happiness. We then have more options to deal with everyday problems that cause nervous tension. affirmations or pictures used in better results in relaxing. relationship with yourself, life and people, this gives us a much better opportunity to analyze and solve problems and look at it from afar
relaxation methods.
deep breath, relaxing music, yoga, meditation, tai chi, biofeedback - select the appropriate method for you and use it regularly -. only when it will bring real and lasting results
second u Physical Activity / u - to align our ability, age and state of health. It can be a normal walking, biking, gym or pool, and hiking, Professional Combat Sports and horseback riding. It is that physical activity has become an inseparable part of every day.
3 in touch with nature / u - a short trip out of town, fresh air, fragrant woods and the birds will charge and discharge voltage
fourth u Plants / u -. most herbal remedies are characterized by slow operation, and small, in relation to the likelihood of side effects of synthetic drugs. herbs can be very useful in stressful situations and are generally well-tolerated by the body. Most of them can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical products, in addition their therapeutic effects.
You can buy ready-mix in the pharmacy as Nervosol or single herbs such as valerian otherwise known as valerian, lemon balm and hops regular doctor. fifth
Find seafront moment of every day just for you / u . This could be an interesting moment in the book a nice bath with your favorite perfume oil, walk the dog, or visit a massage parlor
sixth u Eat healthy / u -. remember that. You are what you eat
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink lots of juice squeezed itself best in a home with green vegetables because they contain a lot of magnesium, which has a calming effect. | register | Products Legumes are rich in vitamin B and cereals - preferably with a bit of processed grains - are High in carbohydrates, which accelerates the production of serotonin is responsible for the peace and well-being
high-protein products such as nuts, dairy products, avocados, meat contains an amino acid that enhances the mood, but from this product group .. beware of excess fat and meat eggs, because they cause arteriosclerosis and pink, and yet we all know how good memory helps in stressful situations.
It is important to eat regularly in small quantities and that the products were the least processed, because only then we need to contain such nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
try to find time to eat, not eat on the run, in quiet and pleasant environment.
seventh Drink plenty of balanced u Water / u - it helps to get rid of toxins that poison our bodies
8th u Avoid stimulants / u. coffee, alcohol, cigarettes - they provide only superficial. and fleeting feeling of relaxation
9 u Dream / u -. . healthy sleep should last about 7-9 hours is required for the proper functioning of our bodys lack of sleep for a long time causes the number of negative psychological and physiological effects that lead to fatigue and exhaustion in stressful situations
10th u Interview / u with someone who really has the time and inclination to listen to your problems -. sometimes honest conversation with a friend gives you more from the session with a therapist
11th u Positive Thinking / u is one of the important factors for coping with stress -. not doomed to failure from the top - with head lifted welcome new challenges and enjoy successes which, however, if you are caught, do not try every time to see some positive in it - yet .. and learn from their mistakes, to extend the experience of 12 .
learn to manage time and u / u - to plan their actions in advance to ensure a place of work, the boundary of the urgent things you can do it later if you have a project does not expand it into smaller parts, each day you can take minute. for every problem
Prepare for the meeting before, come on it 15 minutes before dinner time naszykuj things needed for the next day
13th u smile a lot / u - remember .. Laughter is good for Health
u Enjoy the 14th / u even small victory u / u - .. builds their confidence in achieving the second goal
15 for each additional issue to be approached as a challenge u / u, while reducing weight and increasing your confidence.
Each of us in his deal with stress, and although we wanted to completely eliminate the need to be aware that, in limited quantities need to functioning properly. Every man loves a challenge and difficulty, and when necessary to meet the strength and readiness to cope with new challenges.

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