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How to claim

How hard does not upset any harm, and May even provide a healthy relationship between people, for example, that we still have the courage to express their feelings, and that still depends on them

upset does not mean any harm, and May even provide a healthy relationship between people, for example, that we still have the courage to express their feelings and that they still care
what mistakes to avoid and what it is worth. the argument?
u Do not let anger stored up inside you for a long time / u
suppress their emotions is a bad idea. Of course it is good to be controlled and did not explode with rage at the slightest problems but we must not allow for a long time in our frustration grew sufficiently many reasons: health - not just mental - generally understand happiness, honesty and integrity in relation to other causes suppression of negative emotions that eventually burst u! people but at the time and in a manner totally incomprehensible to others. Our response is, therefore, inappropriate circumstances.
u time and place are important / u
some good things to face with warm water immediately after our mind - .. then our response is understandable, it is hard to miss when the memorized facts are situations where you should wait until a more convenient time of intense strife parents bad influence on kids, sometimes it is good to give yourself time to think through the situation - if it happens to be our reaction is not okay, even in other situations, there May be more important things than the performance of our emotions - such as immediately after the accident, we should not go into an argument with his wife about her driving ability
need to ensure the well. conditions for an argument that consists of the time. it is better not to stop in the middle, and an appropriate level of intimacy
u emphasis on expressing their feelings, and not judge other people / u is
One of the most important principles. Instead issued the decision on dealing with other people, looking for names and derogatory to identify and focus on talking about our feelings about the subject of the dispute
is difficult to rationally and calmly approaching the personal attack and invective but all have. the right to retain and express their feelings collection of such transfer of the case is completely different - other people may be offended by what we feel, or which is subject to debate
time to touch the heart of the matter tells us .. we feel - what we provides anger and opposition
u Keep the heart of matter / u
In other words, some things do not work together to focus on the proper subject of arguing and try to explain it .. Finally, the discipline imposed by another person. few topics time makes the end we do not know what went wrong, and just feeling very bad and everything is falling apart.
u another party chat / u
give the other party the opportunity to defend and express their feelings so that nobody dosokonaƂy -. emotions often obscures the truth and we can prove that we are wrong, and maybe all the result of considerable misunderstanding.
u Try to think soberly / u
At high temperatures we to feeling a little common sense - avoid excessive words may later regret Try to think calmly about what is happening and what about you ... the other is sometimes good to take a break in the series to each other a chance to calm down and think Remember the problem: it is better to give pause for thought, but to walk away offended

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