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How to Eat Healthy Eating

How to Eat

is advisable to eat 4-5 meals a day is ideal, and not less than three meals with fixed meal times can be high-energy, because then more trawimy and thus have less energy eating 4-5 servings. . Our daily food capture rate is greater than three high-energy meal.
should also remember that it is not eaten his fill, but only to satisfy hunger.
Food and przerzuwamy bite thoroughly. no hurry, no standing. after meals eaten should not even sit for 5-10 minutes shorter, which results in better digestion.
If you are hungry between meals, you might want to eat something with low calories, such as apples, yogurt, sugar, or drink a glass water. We try to avoid any sugary snacks.
should also bear in mind that each type of fast, drastic diets rozlegulowują metabolism causes yo-yo effect, ie, we assume a greater weight than a child.
Another important principle is Eat the first meal to an hour getting out of bed and takes 2-3 hours before bedtime, and ideally up to 18

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