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The benefits of drinking coffee how coffee can help our health

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Why should we drink coffee here is the question of a few good answers
u Coffee prevent asthma / u -? .. Reduces the release of histamines responsible for allergies u rising pressure / u - particularly recommended for people with low pressure, through which you will feel less lethargic u Coffee helps the liver / u - .. Caffeine protects against damage to the liver parenchyma u reduces the risk of diabetes type II / u - positive . effect on glucose metabolism in the body as antioxidants that are present in coffee u reduces the risk of colon cancer and bladder / u - coffee has a lot of anti-cancer antioxidants that are absorbed in this part of the intestine and prevent the walls from damage by free radicals / ul
However, keep in mind that in the case of high blood pressure or heart problems should limit coffee drinking to a minimum - maximum .. 1 cup per day

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