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How to get rid of waste waste classification and color ink

How to get rid of waste

Our streets are becoming more and more colorful containers of waste recycled what we can dispose of them
b WORK - blue bean / b
dumped them
Gazette magazines and catalogs, books and notebooks, office paper, paper bags and wrapping paper, cardboard and cardboard boxes / ul
you seek.
remove staples out of paper, and other items previously removed from the books hard cover / ul
not throw
greasy and dirty paper, foil paper, termicznegoi przebitkowego -. used in fax machines, the accounts - drink boxes and other food products, diapers, sanitary napkins and other hygiene products from construction materials such as wallpaper, bags of cement or plaster, etc. / ul
hr /
b Plastic - Yellow. Containers / b Put them
beverage bottles and fluids, plastic caps, plastic bags and plastic bags, plastic fruit baskets / ul
what to look for:
All waste should be clear - for example, you can pre-rinsed with water -. love before rejecting / ul
Do not throw bottles and
oil - food, motorcycles - and boxes of medicine. toys, household appliances and other electronics, Styrofoam / ul
hr /
b ALUMINIUM - red boxes / b Put
soda cans and other fine food products, waste and hats / ul
what to look for: ..
all waste must be clean - for example, you can pre- Rinse with water - in love before discarding / ul
not throw
packaging aerosols, paint cans and other strong chemicals, toys, household appliances and other electronic equipment, batteries. / ul
hr /
b clear glass -. black box / b Put them
colorless glass beverage bottles and other food products, clear, clear glass jars containers in cosmetics / ul
What to look for.
throw just clear glass and clean all waste must be clean, without breaking the glass before throwing the container / ul
not throw glass table, porcelain and ceramics, glass windows, mirrors, windshields, pot, heat-resistant glass, all bulbs, lamps and neon, glass focuser. / ul
hr /
b windows - green beans / b rules are identical to those for white clear glass containers intended - of course with the difference that we put on them, paint glass hr /
already. find such vessels in our area it is worth paying attention to the identification and description of them - Unfortunately, but not always observed from the above colors and rules

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