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Insomnia seven ways to sleep better


b 1 Do not drink alcohol before bed / b Alcohol is not conducive to good wysypianiu be, although many think the opposite Although alcohol. Can facilitate sleep, do not have a positive effect on sleep. Alcohol makes it difficult to enter the most important stages of sleep and cause frequent awakenings during the night, not to mention the cause ... need to go to the toilet. After such a night certainly did not wake up rested.
This applies to all other stimulants such as cigarettes or coffee, acting stimulant.
b 2 Do not eat much before going to sleep / b wins with a full stomach is not easy. or eat several hours before going to bed, or try something digestible dinner.
b 3 Take care of your place of dreams / b basically refers to proper hygiene, comfortable beds - and mattresses -. and a favorable environment for sleep Change bedding regularly, to ensure the right temperature in the room - about 20 degrees C -, ventilate the room before going to sleep and take care of that in the bedroom is dark
. br b 4 Create a regular sleep habits / b First of all, take care of it, to get up and go to bed at the same time to guarantee enough rest. Learn how to properly relax before bed i then, avoid stimulating activities. warm bath, a cup of cocoa or a good book before going to bed will surely help you fall asleep.
b 5 Creating a boundary between work and sleep / b
applies not only to work, but all activities, issues and zamartwieĊ„. when you complete rest before she goes to sleep, clean thoughts all those things that can disrupt sleep.
b 6 can not sleep - Get Up / b for a long time, if you can not fall asleep immediately after lying down to sleep or upon waking in the night -. not tkwij in bed in this situation it is better to get up and spend some time in another room trying to relax, and then return to bed In the meantime, just try to sit or lie down - .. do not bother anything, do not turn the TV on so it is easier sleep, and yet avoid connecting their bedroom with a frustrating place.
b 7 Grow sport / b This is quite universal advice, but also includes sleep, allowing you to better cope with stress or release excess energy. Above all, it makes us feel better and easier for us to sleep.

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