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Slightly less on holiday without the deadly diet ...

Slightly less on holiday without the deadly diet .... 1

1 starvation - .. It is completely prohibited the worst thing we can do to achieve the perfect figure, our bodies are put aside so much wrestling weight loss, and when we will be forced to eat out of us again yo-yo effect
Secondly there is no effect without effort - exercise is a key need not be fatal and can hardly make a lot of fun does not have to run to burn calories That should do what you like, but regular and temporary, gradually increasing the daily dose of exercise your body will burn calories ..... if possible, so to us on what we can afford
third-bye fast food and snacks - but unfortunately ... its murder for a nice silhouette of starch, and we will arrange plastics in 5 minutes of this type of food should be completely banned without exception
fourth daily sweets - .... you know that everyone loves them, but they must be very limited repair your diary, for example, every day of the 15th month I let a few pieces of chocolate or candy bar to eat at least 1.5 weeks after it was time for another pleasure in not too high, but sufficient amount
fifth vegetables is the key - the same health ... vegetables of course, often rejecting all does not like carrots, beets and kohlrabi salad .. so why eat vegetables that we wanted no set rules as important to their choice to be consumed regularly, and at least 45%
6 servings of fruit carefully - ... of which are full sugar so before we look at some favorite fruit are you sure that you eat often strive to diversify consumption of fruit bearing in mind that fruit is not entirely innocent
seventh water - .. you have to drink lots of water in the body may be easier to clean up after drinking water for the same health benefits take time, so sweet juices and soft drinks in order to benefit the greatest good land
8.Products typical diet is not required - we do not need to eat .. food chip, if you do not feel that way. it is important to diversify and consume these products once again. If we can not swallow, such as buckwheat is to eat what you just ate a small amount.
9 healthy diet and lifestyle is too beautiful hair, trim nails, clean teeth and radiant skin. are needed not only internal changes. Take care of your body so that she looked healthy and feeding well and soon will be. You take care of yourself inside and out. It is the foundation of womens beauty 10th
supplements are not bad -. If such were the pharmacy would sell them have been tested and have a specific action exists odchudzaj─ů and support our weight loss It is worth trying to work with them no harm, .... and help. do not do these geniuses pills buy online because it does not believe! perfect add best for you, talk to your doctor.
10 principles that allow us to look nice in the summer. Prost. way to feel good and look attractive Keep in mind that every woman is beautiful in its own way, and it feels like talking about looking smile is the key. D

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