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How to deal with getting rid of dandruff

How to deal with getting rid of dandruff dandruff There are two types: dry and oily

There are two types of dandruff .. dry dry and oily dandruff can be more durable because it is more visible, even when you move your head or combing the hair may fall out of our clothes dandruff fat, however, is less visible, while the more dangerous consequences. May even lead to hair loss and baldness. manifested in the form of scaly red patches on our head.
u What do we do? / u
First, I propose a change to try a shampoo or shampoo that contains one of the following:. Home - selenium, zinc, salicylic acid, sulfur or tar pogazowa
If after several applications shampoo does not help, you should go to the pharmacy and buy a special cleaner for combating dandruff. In pharmacies you will find a lot of specification, not necessarily known by you, but it is effective. advertised products, unfortunately, often turn out to be ineffective.
Also, when buying shampoo from a pharmacy can not advise you to visit a dermatologist. He should have been us help.
u Tips / u
dandruff can infect even the hairdresser. So, do not forget to go to a good hairdresser who care about the health of their customers and sterilized after each client, and their accessories.

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