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How to recognize a stroke

How to recognize a stroke Prawdziwe Event: During a summer barbecue ladies of Sudden stumbled and sank to the ground

a real event: a barbecue during the summer of ladies suddenly stumbled and sank to the ground are convinced that it feels good, and she was fine, that I fell, because it has new shoes - a few people wanted to quit. Call an ambulance -. friends helped and gave her a new plate of food This lady looked a little dazed, but still decided to attend the party, as if nothing had happened
przedzwonił her late husband, friends, i. reported that the ambulance is his wife the hospital. She died at 18 of the next day. It turned out that she had a stroke during the event.
If the husband or friends know how to diagnose a stroke, may have saved his life.
b How to save IF IT / b neurologist says that if the patient will be under his care within three hours, it is possible to completely heal the consequences of stroke.
u trick is to recognize the symptoms and make simple diagnosis, in three hours. / u
b how to determine Outlet / b
It is often difficult to recognize symptoms of stroke may be hemorrhagic -. strokes caused by blood to the brain - or ischemic - caused by stopping blood flow to the brain -. This lack of knowledge can be deadly if people do not know how close to the symptoms of stroke. Doctors agreed
easy way to recognize a stroke by placing three questions: Ask the patient to smile, please the patient PODNIÓSŁOBYDWIE hands up, ask the patient to repeat a simple sentence - for example, today the weather is nice -
if a person has difficulty. with one of these tasks, call an ambulance immediately - resuscitation - and describe the symptoms
Doctors noticed that is so even a layman can see symptoms such as facial muscles seafront disabilities, lack of power in the hands and difficulty with speech. / u.
Doctors turn everything all remember these three basic tests. prevalence of three sentences will allow rapid diagnosis, early treatment and prevent permanent disability.
text with permission.

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