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How to diagnose strep throat

How to recognize angina angina u / u is an inflammation of the throat caused by a pathogenic virus that attacks the upper respiratory tract?

u Angina / u is an inflammation of the throat caused by a pathogenic virus that attacks the upper respiratory tract often we get spring and winter is the period when the decline in immunity
u What are the symptoms of angina / u
all depends on the type of disease we face.
seafront typical symptoms of strep throat erythema / u, or angina
red and slightly swollen tonsils stuffy nose fever headache / ul
seafront characteristic symptoms of viral tonsillitis / u caused by viruses u Coxackie / u
high temperatures of 38-40 ° C, lack of appetite, headaches, stomach and ears, stuffy nose, vomiting - children under 7 years - zaropiałe tonsils and sores on the tongue and the consequences of difficulties in swallowing palate abnormal breathing during sleep, bad breath, general weakness of the body / ul
tonsil infection causes a slight swelling and redness of them, but if We complain of high fever and throat zaropiałe viral-induced angina, it will be necessary to take antibiotics. acute tonsillitis can last several days.

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