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How to take care of the heart

Caring for your heart during the heartbeat starts and allows us to enjoy life

During heartbeat starts and allows us to enjoy life, but sometimes we forget and it happens in everyday life that we have more bad habits of the heart than those in healthy subjects
Unhealthy lifestyles often lead to Many diseases and disorders in the work, is a manifestation of feelings of fatigue, anxiety, and long-term, more serious illnesses
seafront It is important to make some changes in your lifestyle and your daily diet. / u
u first movement every day / u
fast walking, exercising at the gym, gymnastics or ice skating are just as important as the good fats in your diet
seafront second healthy diet / u
saltwater fish - contains Omega-3, which reduces the amount of lipids in LDL - bad cholesterol - in the blood. At least twice a week to eat salmon, mackerel and herring, whole grains - barley, bran and brown bread contains fiber, which eliminates the whisk as bad lipids from vegetable oils body -. level negative effects of cholesterol reduction in blood wielonasycone fatty acids, which are found among others in sunflower oil, corn, linseed and rape absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract, blood inhibits plant sterols, for example: .. the low fat spread products Flora proactive Chocolate - scientifically verified that the polyphenols in chocolate protects the wires from the effects of bad cholesterol Some of these substances have an effect similar to aspirin to prevent sticking. platelet count, which reduces the risk of blood clots Cinnamon - an aphrodisiac. this popular remedy is a natural strengthening of the heart contains antioxidants protect the tiles from excessive sticking if blood vessels are weak, the veins accumulates too many tiles to form a clot .. When it comes to heart attack risk Przeciwutleniaczez cinnamon to prevent blood clots, because the chorus to the substance responsible for bonding tiles Hawthorne - improves ... blood flow in blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and improves exercise tolerance and inhibits the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries. helps to keep the heart in good shape, which is especially important for people who have experienced problems associated with it / ul
u The third annual study / u
u Morphology / u will include the following: hemoglobin level higher rate is more likely that the blood is thick This in turn increases the risk of blood clots in blood vessels and can cause cardiac shock if the hemoglobin exceeds 16g/dl, its worth ... go to the cardiologist to prescribe blood thinners
u should also control the cholesterol level / u -. standard for a total of 190 mg / dL excess of 40 unit doubles the risk of heart attack, but about 80 - three times. It is a lipid profile, which examines the amount of bad -. LDL - and good - HDL -. cholesterol and triglyceride levels when the HDL level below 46 mg / dl, and LDL exceeds 130 mg / dl or triglycerides over 150 mg / dl, it is important to lower cholesterol.
for the formation of clots, thereby contributing to heart attack u smoking / u. Smokers are increasingly at risk of heart and stroke than nonsmokers muscle. wdychanymi most harmful substances are smoking nicotine and carbon monoxide. They cause rapid heartbeat and elevated blood pressure, which has a direct impact on cardiac arrhythmias and formation of atherosclerotic lesions in arteries
as long as possible to keep the u heart good condition is to find balance between work and leisure / u. should also learn how to do negative emotions through relaxation techniques seafront, sports or talk to loved / u. weekends, try to spend the rest, and no additional work. Its seafront proper diet and regular traffic / u. They Adjust pressure and improve levels of good cholesterol. then estrogen will be able to successfully perform its protective activity, and our hearts will breathe a sigh of relief.

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