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Note on New Years resolutions!

. Note on New Years resolutions according to experts, the organization Mental Health Mind seafront New Years resolutions can cause more harm than good / u

According to experts, mental health organizations form seafront New Years resolutions can cause more harm than good / u In the beginning many people want to change your life for the better and puts a lot of ambitious goals These goals are rarely .. when We managed to achieve, which is a source of frustration, a sense of failure and low self-esteem.
u What is wrong with the provisions of the New Year / u
New Years resolutions are often the result of thinking about what we should do and what is not what you really want to do. They are often based on expectations of other people or you have a chance to read the newspapers or see on television. Hence the popularity of smoking cessation, weight loss, or reading books. Of course, many of them contain the most righteous intentions - eg health - but the important thing is whether in fact u we realize what we face / u or is it just wishful thinking, or really want to be and we must take appropriate plan?
better to focus on yourself and what we actually want to do. You can read many books not in our nature, and it is not necessary for us to be happy? Also, not everyone is so bothered them a little more u tummy .. you look at the challenges of strength / u
It is also one of the reasons why New Years resolutions do not overlook us - u we lack motivation and commitment to carry other peoples ideas and goals based on as it should be / u.
provisions seafront also lead to an eternal sense of imperfect and unhappy, because it is based on the assumption that in our lives is something wrong. / u to do wrong, and change can only be happy. So, instead of what we have to appreciate and enjoy life, stuck in a constant state of dissatisfaction, pogłębianego consecutive failures in the implementation of our decisions. worse, even if we manage to achieve our provisions, which would probably not achieve the happiness of finding more targets that we consider necessary to achieve life satisfaction.
Despite all u is also something in the New Year, which at present seems to be the most / u. ends at the end of the old year and start a new - it is difficult at this time there will be no reflection on his life, it is difficult to deny you some hope, and think about what we want to achieve in life and what problems we want to end up dealing
Yes. mind as experts note u important is positive thinking / u. If you already predicted, some limit it to those who have a concrete plan, there is no shortage of motivation for us and for which we are sure that there are some things you actually do.
And above all, let us take care of yourself and think about your life on a daily basis rather than waiting for the next New Year.

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