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Ways of cold on the lips

Method of cold forming on the lips of the perpetrator of cold on the lips of a virus called herpes simplex, which usually attacks the defenseless body during intense cold or overheating of the body under stress

Perpetrator of cold forming on the lips of a virus called herpes simplex, which usually attacks the defenseless body during intense cold or overheating of the body under stress
u Here are some simple ways to get rid of a cold sore: / u
one should be indifferent glance at the first signs of illness at the time of occurrence of tingling, itching and tingling around the mouth and start to do a natural product that has anti-viral and prevents further development .. Herpes u garlic / u.
use przykładaniu treatment consisted of half a clove of fresh garlic in an attack of disease and repeat this process about 3 times a day. just a side effect of garlic is strong, not very pleasant smell. remains in the mouth, but still worth a go such treatment
other obstacles growing seafront lysine herpes / u - an amino acid that is found in products such as fish, milk, poultry meat or yeast. Thats why we make these products permanently your daily diet. People often attack the herpes should limit your intake of chocolate, peanuts and gelatin, which is an integral part of an amino acid called arginine, the formation of the virus.
3 When the bubbles are stubborn dirt it is important to begin to break the skin moisturizing u / u a product that natłuści perfect skin and alleviate the effects of disease u cinnamon / u has medicinal properties - antiseptic .. - and softening skin to prevent infection and further development of herpes. so it must be oiled twice a day around the mouth of cinnamon oil.
4 disease stems from painful wounds heal faster if it is lightly coated seafront zinc ointment / u, or corn flour u / u page. To be immersed in the tissues of flour Council and pay in the affected areas. the treatments gave better and faster results should be repeated about 3 times a day.
5 ways home when they fail or prove ineffective then you should resort to . the preparations containing substances with a high active / u in infected cells and prevent the development of virus
Here are a few pharmaceutical products and their intended use provided by the manufacturer:
Healthy skin cream for people who have problems with herpes and zajadami - price about 7 zł/15 ml - Cream Vratizolin containing 3% substances that antiviral treatment of cold sores - price about 8 zl / 3 g - Zovirax Cream 5% have antiviral activity, prevents bacterial growth, speeds healing and reduces the effects of disease applied when the first symptoms can completely prevent herpes -. price is about 15 zl / 2 g - Cream ERAZABAN 10% of the symptoms of herpes, the virus prevents duplication, reduces the duration of the disease and mitigate its course - the price is about 22 zl. / 2 g - Compeed patches are very thin and transparent slices for use in every phase of herpes mitigate the consequences disease, speed recovery and prevent the formation of skin infections -. price zł/15 about 25 pieces - / ul

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