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How to control anger

How to control anger u This is how we react in certain situations, mainly because of our character traits

u This is how we react in certain situations is mainly due to the characteristics of our character, causes depression and anger may be different, but you can fight them must learn to control your emotions / U. ..
How do u Here are some ways: / u Think about what youre really upset and angry that the situation is perhaps the most after reading a prepared list to come to the conclusion that in most cases, your anger. unfounded or even fun Talking to other people -. even with their children and their parents - .. try not to impose its position and to be constantly on the NO calm approach and can work a compromise to appease the upcoming explosion of anger Think also do not always have to be right in what you say and do. Sit for a while in a comfortable chair and calm the mind. prove salutary meditation, through which they learn to recognize the good feelings arising out of your head. do some breathing exercises. Series 10 deep breaths and exhalations will help you relax and control the bad emotions do a few reps with your eyes closed tantrum after each write these words .. I am very angry / and. That way you will be aware of how many times during the day or the week - perhaps unnecessarily -. nervous to be nicer people smile more often and surround yourself with people and perhaps optimistic attitude toward life and get rid of the feelings that cause anger to think of something nice warm ... memories, pictures, colors and sounds to help you regain peace. Talk about your feelings, about what bothers you and what irritates. It often happens that the person who invaded our anger does not really know what you mean. therefore it is important to discuss and establish clear rules, but in the diplomatic way - without anger and aggression -. S time to time, think only about themselves and their work needs, education of children and the house on his head is clear causes frequent frustration to heal itself .. moments of relaxation that will improve your mood and pleasure. Any situation in which you have shown kindness and calmness in the book store password, for example :: I am proud of myself / and because emotions prevail over evil. Remind yourself in your mind, Calm down, nothing happened, Relax, Ill be fine, etc. Avoid dark, which can cause bad feelings and depressed moods. possible to illuminate the room where the lights are and deliver dark side of your mind if you feel a growing anger, just urwij conversation -. change the subject for a more comfortable - or out of the room where the hearing was held and try to appease at any cost, let me help you might have some problems, which are not .. I know the immediate family. Talk with your partner, children, parents about their fears and enjoy their support. Ask your medical specialist, such as psychologists . Professional help is invaluable in the objective assessment of the problems and overcome their difficulties.

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