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What do you do to make your hair grow faster?

What do you do to make your hair grow faster u use of hair dryers, straighteners, hair color often, and wear a hat that makes our hair becomes weaker, slower growing or falling out?

Opatija road use hair dryers, straighteners, hair color often, and wear a hat that makes our hair becomes weaker, slower growing or begin to fall How to improve their condition well, there are fairly simple ways to grow the hair quickly and were beautiful - even in winter / u u
strengthen hair treatments / u
head after each wash, you should apply the hair mask. - may be willing to buy at a pharmacy or at home Home
seafront methods. / u u
Option I: / u Mix 1 tablespoon of juice. Aloe with 1 tablespoon honey and 1 teaspoon of juice squeezed from the garlic then add 1 egg yolk - all mixed together, and so prepared, apply a hair mask Try to thoroughly rub into the scalp mask, and then cover it with a towel or plastic bag .. Wait approximately 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water head This treatment is for 5 days
in Option II. / u 10 tablespoons of jojoba oil - bought at a pharmacy - Preheat the pan and push the hair. Thoroughly rub the mask into the skin and hair on the part of half their length, the top of your head Wrap a towel or plastic wrap and wait 30 minutes and then wash your hair
perfect choice ingredients to strengthen the facial hair is too ..: Olive oil is combined with egg yolks and lemon juice, blood flow, in turn, stimulate the scalp and hair follicles provides a ponytail and white turnips, as cotton, silk and wheat germ responsible for the reconstruction of the hair structure, to strengthen and soften your skin.
u finished products: / u
first mask silver alloy Stimulin + - perfectly stimulates hair growth, strengthens their structure and increases the volume and improves your skin clean. circulation - cost about 30 ml zł/75 -.
second shampoo to strengthen the Vichy DERCOS with Aminexil - nourishes the hair over their entire length, it enhances their growth and prevents hair loss - cost of about. 30-40 zł/200 ml -. third
shampoo Crescina new formula R5 - supports natural hair growth and prevents thinning Available in versions for both women and men -. price in both cases about 50 ml zł/150 -.
fourth strengthen hair serum Schwarzkopf BC Hair and Scalp - adds energy and stimulates their natural hair growth, improves hair density - zł/100 cost about 110 ml -.
u Diet for Healthy Hair / u
To improve the overall condition of the hair and scalp should be eating diets enriched with products rich. vitamins A, B, C and E is essential if you want to enjoy a healthy and strong, and thus faster growing hair.
therefore eat a lot of products that contain ingredients responsible for hair growth, .. beans, spinach, milk, eggs, bread, whole wheat, oatmeal, beef, fish, raisins , yogurt, nuts and wheat germ
u Hair Hygiene / u
Wash your hair at least 2 times a week and rub in gently. massage your scalp daily rubbing with your fingers for about 3 minutes. This allows the hair follicles to stimulate action and increase blood flow to the head.
regularly cut my hair tips. - Split and destroyed it does not look well groomed and healthy, and limit and slow down their growth
u If these treatments are associated with a healthy lifestyle, ie : / u
guarantees are adequate to eliminate the daily number of hours of sleep - if possible - stress and negative emotions begin to more outdoor activities are associated with a healthy diet, exercise, / ul
it will certainly not improve only condition your hair, but the whole body

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