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What to do in case of food poisoning?

What to do in case of food poisoning food poisoning u / u is a common and very serious illness

u poisoning / u is a common and very serious disease Find out what may have symptoms and how to treat them
seafront Typical symptoms / u is nausea, fever, abdominal pain and vomiting.
poisoning usually only goes after a few days. To prevent dehydration you should drink more fluids, even if it would lead to vomiting. best to drink water or water with salt, which prevents dehydration - just a pinch of glass -. You can also drink strong, black tea, which has anti-inflammatory definitely should not drink milk, beverages with caffeine, carbonated beverages and various kinds of herbs that can also irritate the stomach
.. br Note u / at that a lot of fluids, even with frequent vomiting. Do not stop nausea, because the more quickly you turn cured.
People with food poisoning should refrain from eating heavy product and dairy products until diarrhea stopped. When you feel better not eat all once you fall into the hands. Slowly and gradually dosed food. In the beginning, just to eat cookies, crackers and porridge, or bread and butter.
home treatment of food poisoning are all kinds of ginger mixture. Starts a piece of ginger in combination with lemon and inhibition leads to vomiting. If you do not have ginger in your home can be an excellent substitute ginger tea or tea supplements usually in the form of ginger juice.
u. Note: / u If there is a possibility that your poisoning may be caused by eating fish or eating mushrooms up immediately see a doctor

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