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How to examine your breasts the same

To explore u breast cancer risk / u are related to each of us, it is very important to have regular breast examinations

u risk of breast cancer / u are related to each of us, it is very important to have regular breast do not need every month to go to the gynecologist, but we must carefully watch their breasts and to recognize the emerging. changes in them.
b How to conduct breast / b Breast
we should take place once a month, about a week after the first day of the period. then small breasts are swollen and feel it should not cause any pain . breast self-examination consists of two phases, which include visual inspection and palpation.
b Visual Inspection / b This study is based on carefully watching and knowing your breasts. Set in front of a mirror with hands free to down along the trunk and look at the chest, armpits and nipples surroundings. Ensure that there is no change in their size, shape, texture or color. Then slowly raise your hands up, and we raise them above your head while watching or making move there are any lumps and bumps, etc. Visual inspection can be repeated to be sure, a leading position based with hands on hips or arms folded before him.
b palpation / b
After a thorough investigation, visual, touch, go on stage. We examine the entire breast, starting from the outer arm, and ending at the nipple. hand must be placed flat on the chest and arms delicate We are also studying the nipple and the armpit, so that sure that there is no swelling of the nipple discharge is not mined, mixed with blood, this test can be performed in two ways: 1
standing - Bring in a bent elbow and right hand ... He puts his hand on the back of the head of the left hand , we examine the right breast, and then change hands to examine the other breast
2nd place - .. hand on the breast study to put over his head, causing the voltage on the other side of the breast - the three middle fingers - stagger the chest full circle in a clockwise hour: a. one large and two smaller, closer to the nipple method is called the clock and examine the tissue around the breast and underarm lymph nodes b
When you go to the doctor / b during self-examination if you feel worried changes in breast tissue, such as: •. lump, we should talk with your doctor the reasons why we should make an appointment with a specialist for m If every day we have numerous contacts with people who work or loud machines, we should spend their holidays in places less crowded and no noise - loud music - the only way to really rest. Thus, if the situation requires to remain at home and trips out of town or jogging in the park are not included in the game, take advantage of this free time reading and delay sleep. Tired, overworked body needs lots of sleep, we should not have a bad conscience if prześpimy several hours longer than usual. To ensure a quick and peaceful nights sleep, it is worth before bedtime take a warm bath with essential oils, have a cup of hot milk or cocoa, and reach for your favorite book. Bath relaxes the body and mind with a hot drink to fall asleep faster and sleep through the night.
u alone or in company / u
usually spend holidays with family or friends, but it can happen that you want to stay some time in solitude. It all depends on our daily life looks like. Nobody should have to blame us, if that happens - all from time to time needs a little rest, and the next. Therefore, even a few days let alone should not spoil relations with those around us, every day people.

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