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How can I become infected with HIV

How can I become infected with HIV, HIV u / u is the human immunodeficiency virus

u HIV / u is the human immunodeficiency virus It attacks the immune system of HIV infected persons is one of the most feared diseases of our time and, unfortunately, to this day - despite the fact that the research in progress all the time - there is no effective medicine that can cure it completely, you can catch HIV through bodily fluids or blood, semen or vaginal secretions in patients infected with HIV can be transmitted
u three ways: .. / u
U. By having sex / u -. HIV is the virus in body fluids of an infected person, because during sex without a condom are at high risk of infection in the morning or even the smallest nick can cause the introduction of viruses into the bloodstream Anal sex can also cause the virus transfer. partner, because the mucosal lining of the anus more sensitive than the vagina -. there is so much greater chance of damage during intercourse HIV can be caught engaging in oral sex, and - if the person will be on the lips and palate wounds or injuries, can lead to the spread of virus originating from partner u through contaminated blood / u - .. a leading cause of HIV infection and hepatitis C is injection drug use tools with unsterile needles and syringes, even disinfected - not transferable. Using the same tools for threefold increased risk of HIV infection from sexual relations in health care is only used as a sterile surgical instruments, must wear protective gloves and all waste is disposed of in developed countries, the risk of infection in hospitals - for example, ..,: .. During the transfusion blood - very limited / ul
u from an infected mother to child / u - a pregnant woman can transmit HIV to the baby during pregnancy and childbirth, and there is great risk infecting her baby during breastfeeding. If a woman is aware that is the carrier of the virus must go to the doctor to help reduce the risk of vertical transmission of HIV. / ul
u HIV / u is the cause. u AIDS / u u or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, human immunodeficiency virus / u There are two types of virus responsible for AIDS: HIV 1 and HIV-second HIV-positive, but not necessarily develop AIDS constant. health care and taking the right medication can control the situation, and thus the patients immune system is not as self-discharge, as is the case with AIDS.
HIV prevention, coping with it and its treatment depends on many factors. was an important phase in which the virus was detected in body in the initial stages of the disease there is a very good chance to control the virus through the appropriate antiretroviral drugs, however, if the virus is spreading and has already made havoc in the body - .. but it becomes much harder. br
If you have any doubt that could be infected with HIV, it is necessary to visit a doctor to perform the necessary tests. only detect the virus in the initial phase is crucial and provides the opportunity for effective treatment.
is important to aware of the risks arising from HIV infection. life of man infected with the changes, even if the virus is under the supervision of a physician and create conditions for normal operation, there is always the risk of AIDS.

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