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Bites by wasps, bees and hornets first aid

Stings for wasps, bees and hornets

Summers are exposed to bites seafront wasps, bees, hornets / u and other poisonous insects u / u The result is usually itching, swelling and pain, but they can also appear dangerous situations for human life, such as:. interfere with breathing and even anaphylactic shock, which can lead to death
u first aid / u a person is stung wasp, bee and hornet is derived primarily from the sensitivity. First, the human must determine if stung is allergic to insect venom People who are aware of their vulnerability in the safe possession of drugs -. adrenaline pens -. for the treatment of acute anaphylactic shock in case of severe reactions to insect venom, inject the appropriate dose of victims and of course , call an ambulance if
u sting / u is in the mouth -. tongue, throat or mouth - you should immediately seek medical help or go to the hospital because the victim threatened to choke before we stung professional help, you should suck on ice cubes, pop a cold drink or dissolve in the mouth of a teaspoon of salt - .. it will help zługować insect toxin from the lining
If u sting / u was in the thigh or lower, and the sting is visible , it should be gently removed the best thing to do is nail, nail files nail or a sharp knife does not oppress jadowego bladder, or it can lead to more penetration of toxins in the body - so that .. better not to remove the stinger with tweezers or fingers.
When we managed to remove the sting u / u, you should wash the Sting site with soap and water, vinegar, onion juice or a solution of potassium permanganate. You can also make a compress with ice or soda, fresh plantain leaves and pay for clean , lubricate the wound with honey or liquid disinfectant. You should also take calcium in liquid form and anti-allergic drugs.
anaphylactic reactions can occur in different ways. first symptoms may appear even after 3 hours after injection. therefore it is important to observe Persons stung and did not leave you if you have disturbing symptoms such as:. difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, weakness, abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, coughing and sneezing, hives, redness of the face and neck, or loss of consciousness, should be be necessary to seek medical attention. If anaphylactic shock is the most prompt and professional help, because her life depends on the person stung.
u worth having in your medicine cabinet products that will protect you from serious and painful consequences of injection, as as: .. / u
ENTIL - Gel soothes sting of insect problems FENISTIL gel - preparations for the treatment of pruritus accompanying użądleniom insects Extractor - painless and noninvasive pump removes poison just one minute to prevent the dangerous consequences of the bites.: wasps and bees, hornets and other poisonous creatures. / ul

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