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How to get rid of drugs zajadów home

How to get rid zajadów u Zajady home remedies / u is the usual cracks at the corners of the mouth, often accompanied by chronic inflammation

u Zajady / u is the usual cracks at the corners of the mouth, often accompanied by chronic inflammation of the main factors forming zajadów lack of vitamin B. You can even have to fight them, using different methods ..
simplest and cheapest although not always 100% effective, homemade ways to get rid of zajadów. These are, above all, care for hygiene and proper nutrition.
u Vitamin B / u
basis for treating the zajadów balanced and rich in nutrients and vitamins to the diet of vitamin B deficiency is most responsible for creating zajadów must therefore supplement your diet with these components, and eat a lot ..
milk and its products - kefir, buttermilk and yogurt -, green leafy vegetables - cabbage, lettuce and spinach - and legumes - beans and peas -,. eggs, liver, bakers yeast / ul
should be eliminated entirely, or at least limit your intake of alcohol, coffee and food with high sugar content .
u Med / u
has anti-inflammatory and healing. To perform a teaspoon of honey health drink should be mixed with 10 drops of cod liver oil, put on the wound and cover with gauze. hold OK for 20 minutes - . not wash
u yeast / u
vitamin B2, which is not associated with the creation zajadów If you have a yeast infection will be applied to wounds or prepare for drink in the following proportions: 100!. ml of warm milk, Add a little sugar and a teaspoon of fresh yeast mix until a smooth consistency. so prepared drink should drink at least once a day for a week.
u Aloe / u
accelerates skin regeneration and reduces bacterial growth, so it pays to try to fight zajadami. 6 should mix aloe leaves and pour over them two cups of boiling water. cook a few minutes, and then pass through a sieve and pour into a dark bottle. It should be washed with a solution prepared crack several times a day.

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