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How to survive the heat in

How to survive the heat in u Heat annoys everyone, but it is especially dangerous for children, the elderly and those suffering from various ailments, m

u Heat hit everyone, but it is especially dangerous for children, the elderly and those suffering from various diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and heart disease can reduce the harmful effects. High temperatures using the following guidelines / u
u first drink you want / u
On hot days should drink more mineral water than usual, non-carbonated - about 3 liters a day - or eat fruits contain large amounts of water, such as watermelon and nine people who work physically should take about 8 liters of fluid daily addition of water to drink lemonade, juice wielowarzywne we should limit your intake of coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol ....
u second one on the board / u
summer of perishable foods, especially meat and dairy products. should therefore pay particular attention to the expiration date of these products. daily diet should be a lot of vegetables and fruit - the best on hot days as refrigerators, light soups, salads, vegetables and fruits
u third airy and spacious / u
When the temperature rises to the maximum, you should wear loose, breathable, s natural materials and clothing. best heat the cloth, LNY and cotton in bright colors. Remember more wydekoltujemy, we hotter.
u fourth protects children / u
. Puppies are most susceptible to sunburn and dehydration To avoid this, it is better not to stay with the child outside of office hours 11:00 to 15:00 -. This time is the greatest heat they should also bear in mind that do not leave children alone in the car, even on the proverbial moment.
u fifth proper cooling / u
hot days, a complete lack of water in body. So, we not only moisturize your face, but the whole body especially the hands and feet. Several times a day to wash your face with cold water, or use of thermal water spray. good to always have a bottle of water, which, if not to drink is certainly helpful refresh, for example washing hands.
u sixth carefully with air conditioning / u
Be aware of temperature differences between air-conditioned room or car, and the temperature prevailing in court - you can easily catch a cold - . cover-ups will help to protect the area from overheating, so its worth leaving the house and close all windows pozasłaniać. evening should be well aired house, especially the room in which to sleep and best left to an open window at night. both in homes and offices , you should use a humidifier or even hang the wet towel on the radiator.
u seventh Animals also have claims / u
High temperatures can provide many czworonogowi bone, which is why it is important to ventilate the room in which animals are kept. We must also take care of their frequent watering, and not leave the heated car.

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