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How to survive a child

How to survive your diet u Every diet requires commitment and sacrifice

u Every diet requires commitment and sacrifice There are ways to survive this difficult time, constantly, without feeling hunger or fatigue is important, because it is a mental attitude if we are to dieting as a punishment, it will be safe .. . difficult for us to survive. But when I think that thanks to improve our appearance and condition, then our thinking will change. / u
u We select an appropriate diet / u
worth visiting diets, which also allows us to enjoy the pleasures of eating and not be forced to give up everything we love to eat If, for example. we want to avoid eating sweets, and even to love them, we should choose a diet that includes fresh fruits. This solution will allow us to maintain a good mood and make it easier to survive eating.
u we eat regularly / u
Meals should be eaten in about 3 hours intervals. If you eat regular pores, improves metabolism and continuously provide our body with energy addition, we have a much better chance to lose extra pounds if hunger attacks or reach for the water we drink herbal tea - ... liquid will fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger
seafront Specjał dishes / u
It is known that food and Again the same, the same set of dishes quickly get tired and discouraged the use of further additives. Therefore, preparation of meals, so that each successive differ at least one component. then surely we can deal with feelings of discouragement and monotony.
u chew each mouthful / u
Each meal should eat in peace, to ensure proper digestion in the stomach. must therefore be carefully and slowly gnaw and chew each mouthful, so we feel fed will end before the meal. Do not forget to eat on the run products only short-term satiety.
u are moving / u
movement allows you to forget hunger, improves digestion, primarily mood. Exercise will survive any diet change and access to it. why not idly siedźmy watching TV, just move. It is next to the couch to put a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables in a case under the influence of television advertising does not reach for a bag of potato chips or candy bar.
regular weigh / u

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