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Problems of capillaries spiders

Problems with capillaries

u ... But as the blood vessels that spiders are not only women but men living skin with dilated capillaries and is quite difficult to completely get rid of spider veins, you need to visit specialists / U
u causes spider veins: / u
allergy, adolescence, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders - for example, a damaged liver -, hormonal imbalance, hormonal changes - such as menopause -, blood hypertension, innate. sensitivity of the skin, the elements - air temperature changes, frost, wind, intense sun, etc. - / ul
u spiders Home Care / u .. Using
corresponding formulations with UV filters , which are substances for sealing and strengthening blood vessels and protect them from breakage These cosmetics perfectly nourish the skin dilated capillaries
composition of such cosmetics can usually be found:
vitamin PP - responsible for sealing vessels and boats to protect them from cracking, Vitamin C - its function is to seal and strengthen blood vessels, vitamin K - blood clotting, regulating, preventing bleeding and eliminates spider veins and bruises, arnica extract - anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, strengthens blood vessels and promotes blood circulation system, an extract of Ginkgo biloba - improves blood circulation and relaxes your blood vessels walls, routine - reduces the permeability and fragility of blood vessels to relax / ul
These preparations should be used all year round, not just in the summer. and gave the spiders will be less visible .
enlarged capillaries do not like hot water, its temperature should be moderate. And this applies not only to wash his face, but the whole body. Nothing will soothe sensitive skin like a cold shower.
professional u / u
If your skin capillaries is necessary to visit the appropriate specialist. dermatologist will carry out special treatment for vascular specialists in aesthetic surgery applies a soothing and hydrating treatment improves skin condition and tell you to use cosmetics to avoid. skin irritation
Yes To remove the spider should be subjected to laser treatment of his work is useful -. regenerates the skin and slows the aging process u laser treatment / u is a safe, noninvasive, and most importantly - .. into force before the treatment can not take calendula , St. Johns Wort, antibiotics, creams that contain fruit acids, retinol and vitamin C and other drugs from the photosensitive group. have a contraindication for laser treatment of the fresh complexion of the skin.

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