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Ways of the leg veins

. Methods for varicose veins in the legs u origin of varicose veins mainly favors Genetics

u origin of varicose veins mainly favors genetics but their occurrence is also affected by pregnancy history and lack of exercise, obesity, hormonal disorders, smoking and alcoholism / U
.. If you see beneath the skin blue broken vein networks should follow these guidelines.
seafront foot massage / u
lazy foot massage from the feet to the groin This massage should be done before bedtime and morning immediately after waking up. In addition, we will improve blood circulation and feel the lightness in the legs. We can also wash affected areas with a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar or extract of marigold.
u Avoid prolonged standing or sitting / u
If the work is sufficient to move the weight from toe to heel and back or przestępować from foot to foot If you work in a sitting position -. often change position from time to time we get and move your feet, we should avoid sitting with your feet set on foot.
u Avoid hot temperatures / u
heat is a result of varicose veins. Therefore, we should refrain from visiting saunas and hot baths instead of showers. In addition, it is recommended epilating sun and hot leg wax. winter, returning to work after changing shoes - I should not bother the whole day in the thick legs, winter boots -.
u to dress appropriately / u
down tight clothing, especially clothing and oppressed around the groin area
u treat varicose veins / u
commonly used methods for treating varicose veins are sclerotherapy
u / u - the establishment of special drug into a vein, which causes inflammation of the vein wall and demand his death; u downloading / u small saphenous vein vein - Babcock method - a special probe removes the affected vein; u cryosurgery or clotting / u - The procedure involves freezing - Method kriochirurgiczna - or heat - coagulation method - patients vein - which in turn leads to its destruction; u laser / u - fast, effective and painless way to get rid of varicose veins. / UL

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