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How to gain weight healthily

How to gain weight healthy u and weight loss and weight requires dedication and plenty of time to spend with common sense?

u and weight loss and weight requires dedication and plenty of time to spend with common sense / U
u What do you gain weight and be healthy /.? In
The most important thing is to follow the principles of proper nutrition, or cancel products that pollute the body only, for example, candy or junk food
calorie diet should be, but with preserved following proportions:.% 20 -. protein, 30% - 50 % and fat - carbohydrates should also remember about vitamins and minerals that enhance the absorption of nutrients
need to choose products that are integral to eat more high-quality protein:
lean meats - such as ..: turkey and chicken -, meat , yellow cheese, milk and dairy products, eggs and fish / ul
meals should be free of grains - bread, lots of light - as well as unsaturated fatty acids, such as oil. sunflower oil, soybean oil and olive oil - .
aim for 4-5 meals at regular times - if possible - and, of course, is the most important breakfast All meals should be varied and rich ingredients of the highest nutritional value addition, before ... Every meal should drink a glass of fruit juice or vegetable and a glass of lemon balm before sleeping, your metabolism slows down someone should eat in peace, slowly and thoroughly chew each mouthful
best choice is a sweet dark chocolate contains magnesium, and lecithin - .. a. much healthier than milk chocolate diet should
be completely eliminated sodas, which give a feeling of satiety and appetite suppressants should not be drinking coffee and other caffeinated products -. stimulates metabolism
After a hearty meal, you should always take a break. - You can cut a short nap -.
last meal the day you should eat for about 2 hours before bedtime
u Exercise / u
Weight gain will bring a lot faster and better results. If you combine diet with proper training. It aims to develop muscle tissue and increase appetite.
Do not eat immediately before exercise. meal to eat for about 1.5 to 2 hours before the start of training and should provide adequate amounts of carbohydrates. Do not eat fatty foods and products, which have wzdymajÄ…ce, such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts , peppers, onions and peas.
When you exercise you need to drink fruit or vegetable juices to increase your appetite.
However, after completion of training - preferably within the first hour - is introduced primarily carbohydrate pasta or rice with meat, white bread with dairy products, the best choice
u weight gain can be much harder i. more than weight loss - you have to remember that / u

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