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How to treat burns

How to treat burns u Prolonged sun exposure can cause burns to the skin

u Prolonged sun exposure can cause burns to the skin It is a painful experience that can take several days / U
If excessive sun exposure, you should use the following methods .. relieve pain and reduce inflammation
u swabs
/ u
cold water -. treatment should last about 15 minutes and repeat this several times a day, remembering to change often end up as quickly heats up, / ul
ice - ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth and apply to Ground Zero; / ul
of sour milk - mix half a cup of milk with two cups cold water and add a few ice cubes to squeeze attach me every three hours - all for about 15 minutes - milk protein soothes perfectly, just like kefir or yogurt; .. / ul
vegetables - thin slices of potato or cucumber attached. ochłodzimy złagodzimy wounds so irritated and inflamed; / ul
very good option is the use of special cooling curve characteristics, such as: Water Jel
hydrogel dressing on your abdomen and back - 20x45cm -, price about 80 zl, Water Jel hydrogel dressing for the face - 30x40cm -, cost about 120 zl / ul
Shortly after applying the dressing, it cools the burned skin, reduces pain and protects the wound from contamination
.. seafront baths / u
With the addition of vinegar - a cold bath water, pour a cup of vinegar and pour a handful of baking soda / ul
with oat meal - pour half a cup of flour. when cold water to soak the affected area for about 20 minutes / ul With
Help soothing liquids - .. is the best way in the case of extensive burns after a bath, gently towel dry your body and / ul
When you swim every day, you should use the mildest preparation and thoroughly wash skin with soap. should not be used Intensive foaming bubble baths, even more, because they can cause dry skin.
u dampening / u
Cold compresses will certainly alleviate the pain and bring relief, but unfortunately run periodically and can dry skin then you should lubricate the skin with a moisturizer, for example. eurycynę, we can impose a cooling formulation, eg with the addition of cream. menthol
u Natuaralne drug
/ u
Revaxik hydrogel - relieves pain, increases the cooling effect and reduces skin inflammation and swelling, disinfect, re-hydrate the skin Price about 15 zl. / 30g Panthenol foam -. protects and nourishes damaged skin, soothing and cooling, accelerates skin regeneration Price about 20 zł / Raiosun Cream 150ml - .. reduces the feeling of heat or ignition, nourishes the skin, neutralizes free radicals price around 30 zł/100ml / ul
u If you have severe sunburn, / u is attached.
headache, weakness and fatigue, nausea, fever, resulting in large skin followed by blisters, itching, nagging, / ul
u need to visit a doctor / u.

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