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To discourage sweets

To discourage sweets u Excess sugar in the diet can lead to serious problems, so you should consider before reaching for another chocolate bar

u Excess sugar in the diet can lead to serious problems, so you should consider before reaching for another chocolate bar eating sweets or get it on is nothing but a result of bad eating habits / U
. So how do we discourage u eat sweets? / u
person who has been eating sweets every day, in bigger quantities, do not be discouraged too quickly. I have no point, no need to suddenly day completely give up sweets, it is important that the process is gradual you yourself go to your favorite snack food, the best among the least calories eaten so far
Instead of milk chocolate is better to choose a bitter, instead of cookie with jam or cream .. - and instead of whole Snickers wheat pasta - .. candy bar with cereals and dried fruits Visit the health food store, because there are various kinds of sweets from a candy littering the supermarket shelves, however, differ in that they contain far less sugar and fat, and. need more vitamins, minerals and fiber
One of the best substitutes sweet dried fruits such as bananas are an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin B2, apricot - potassium, vitamins B6 and B-carotene, dates - folic acid and panties. - calcium supplement of dried fruit should to reach for sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts These latter are very rich wielonasycone fatty acids, magnesium and folic acid
u practical tips each day: / u
Frequently brushing your teeth strong mint toothpaste remains in mouth and characteristic mint flavor discourages the consumption of sweets, in the stores should steer clear of shelves with candy, preferably not at all focused on the shelves biscuits, chocolate section, candy, etc. If possible, have. avoid stressful situations, where the demand for sugar At such moments the body, instead of eating a candy bar, it is better to brew tea with lemon balm, try this: at least one week not to eat anything sweet or at least not sweetened tea / coffee after that time. teaspoons of sugar will have a different, very sweet flavor, and this should be a little less prone to eat sweet, if none of the above works, you can only afford a cube or two of dark chocolate a day. / ul
u In conclusion / u
best and most effective way to reduce or completely eliminate sweets are aware that sugar affects the body. Limiting consumption of sugar requires a lot of discipline, especially in the beginning, when there is a feeling of fatigue and anxiety and depression. Fortunately, this is only temporary, and therefore all embarrassing symptoms disappear, and in their place a new, perhaps unknown to date including: improved mood, memory and concentration, and greater emotional stability
phasing out of sugar also affected. improve sleep and health - increases body strength and resistance to cold -. Of course there are other benefits of consuming small amounts of sugar that the body is slimmer and healthier teeth
No matter how much you used to struggle with sweets. remember that this is a feasible goal. eating sweets is not a restriction, just a fad, quirk where you can manage.

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