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How to care for your spine

Caring for your spine u Backbone serve us well, we must take care of it

u backbone to serve us well, we must take care of that irregular lifestyle and bad habits can cause back pain, migraines, stiffness of limbs, and even deterioration in vision These are just some signs of spinal problems .. / u
spinal important functions in our body:
is back for torso and head, protects the spinal cord, a flexible body - thanks to him we can bend and twist the body / ul
. br b Healthy Habits / b The factors that may influence the deterioration of the spine: a long, long seat unit, lack of exercise, overweight, hard, haste and excessive stress.
spine to prevent pain, you should take care of correct position. walk with my head, shoulders and caught ściągniętymi belly is very important and beneficial for the spine.
If you run a sedentary lifestyle, is properly chosen seat - Adjustable armrests and the bulge If we do it, bending forward, przeciążymy lumbar spine and the risk of incurring a slipped disc
b Physical Activity / b moderate, but systematic and adjust our capacity to exercise, you will strengthen the health of the whole organism and at the same spine. If you suffer from back pain caused by ill backbone, should first consult a physiotherapist or an instructor, and not at the expense of exercise performed, for example: skłonami forward in a standing position or circling his head in a circle - they are harmful to achieving our position with the spine, not . should work, and in case of acute back pain - .. not stretching exercises and strength of the ideal form of physical activity with this type of disease swimming, cycling, walking and yoga
everyday household chores, we should distribute them at the time when I am. For example: Today we wash windows, floors, and ironed the day after the execution of all activities on a single spine should be especially cautious when ścielania beds and vacuuming - especially class and will be charged the lower back
u ... We need to protect your spine and other household members to ask for help if the back pain does not allow us to perform some action. / U

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