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How to treat anxiety neurosis

How to treat anxiety neurosis anxiety neurosis u is one of the most common neurological diseases

u anxiety neurosis is one of the most common neurological diseases These include a broad anxiety - anxiety attacks .. and even panic in certain situations / U
u causes of anxiety neurosis: / u
involving a dangerous situation and long-term trauma-related conditions such as: .. conflicts or failure in situations of imminent danger, trauma triggers a sudden fear, often accompanied by a brief failure of consciousness on the other hand, long-term traumatic situations can lead to phobias, such as:
claustrophobia - fear of enclosed and confined spaces, agoraphobia - fear of being alone in public places, for a large area; mizofobię - fear of dirt, debris, nyktofobię - fear of night, darkness,. karcinofobię - fear of cancer, and many others / ul
u symptoms of anxiety neurosis
/ u
There are many and vary .. depending on the patient and the severity of the disease is often undetected attacks and anxiety neurosis and there both these cases, which occurs during sleep or rest
u most common symptoms are: / u
dyspnea, palpitations, constant tension, insomnia, excessive sweating, numbness and tingling in different parts of the body , dry mouth, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, restless thoughts, obsessions, depression, fear of death. / ul
u Treatment / u
There are several ways and the appropriate choice depends on many factors mainly related to the patients condition u / u
u Cognitive-behavioral therapy / u -. taken. in patients with varying degrees of anxiety and situational anxiety treatment is based on two factors: cognition and behavior and based on recognition of changes in thinking that caused the disease
There are individual and group psychotherapy and in justified cases, for example .... neuroses in children, family psychotherapy can be used
group psychotherapy, a fixed number of participants helps building confidence and learning to establish emotional relationships - the ability to connect with people in similar circumstances - patients acquire knowledge about their disease and. symptoms, social skills learning through imitation and experience
but successful form of treatment of anxiety neurosis seems to be individual psychotherapy - disease is generally associated with psychological factors, and for this kind of disorder, this form of treatment has the highest efficiency . br There are many schools of psychotherapy, and each uses a different technique of treatment is difficult to identify the best and most effective - .. it all depends on the form of neurosis and patient response to specific methods of psychotherapy is generally accepted that the best results neurotic disorders related psychotherapy in the field of dynamic psychology, and in case of trouble -. behaviouristic school
u Pharmacotherapy / u - in the treatment of anxiety neurosis used anxiolytics Because antidepressants and a variety of symptoms, drug therapy is. are wypróbowywaniu consecutive preparations, until you find a drug is well tolerated by the patient. anxiolytics can be addictive, so do not use them for a long time, the patient may become addicted to drugs that reduce anxiety.
medicines for treating neurotic state characterized by a relaxing effect, reduces the Then the out-patient treatment and acute inflammation - treat closed / u

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