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Ways of migraines how to prevent migraines

Methods for migraines

u The main symptom is a sudden headache, recurrent headache - usually felt on one side of the head, temples and forehead, and sometimes the back of the head / U
Migraine is. Difficult to overcome, and treatment should be adjusted to individual patient needs, everyone reacts differently to medications
seafront factors that often trigger migraines include: / u
mechanical problems - for example: tension neck muscles, nerve compression, environmental factors, such as wind, noise , bright lights, strong smells, and emotions - stress, depression -s sleep - too short or too long sleep - is difficult to digest food, or too small., infrequent and irregular diet / ul
u prevent migraines include: / u Avoid stressful situations and excessive fatigue, eat wisely, because an empty stomach is an ally of the headache, take magnesium every day - is important for the body and can alleviate migraine, avoid drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, citrus fruits, fried foods and canned products - such as cold cuts, cheese or yellow - do not contaminate the home or as often as possible to stay in the fresh air - of course when there is no wind - Avoid drafts -, play sports, try acupressure, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, or psychotherapy, relaxation exercises :
rapid eyebrow movements - lifting and lowering them, clenching and opening the eyelids, nose increases, the movements of the lower jaw with the mouth open, slowly. opening and closing of the item / ul
u The struggle with the pain of migraine may herbs relief assistance will include: / u
peppermint - peppermint oil was as effective as paracetamol in action .. It contains menthol, which has anesthetic properties and also inhibits the secretion of serotonin - a guide pain -,. Melisa - Gently calms and acting sleeping pill, Ginger - pasta, prepared with half a teaspoon of ginger and some water, gently warmed and then applied to the forehead also help extract of valerian and yarrow. / ul
u Probably the only really effective way of migraine The pain is biding attack in the best possible conditions. / u
should respond to signs of illness and the example. when it can be assumed photophobia sunglasses or go into a dark room, in the case of intense sensitivity to scents, cover your nose and mouth tissue, but when you dizzy - youre sure to lay
u If none of the above does not help, consult your doctor who will prescribe the appropriate medication. / u

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