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How to treat gastric neurosis

How to treat gastric neuroses u Gastric neurosis is one of the most widespread diseases in the nervous appear

u Stomach neurosis is one of the most widespread diseases in the nervous appearing Its symptoms are usually present in most stressful situations exam at school, problems at work, environmental changes -. Each of these factors may influence the development of gastric disorder / u
seafront stomach disorder symptoms are always similar. / u
indigestion, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, sweating, changing moods, dyspnea, insomnia, anxiety. / ul
symptoms often accompany lower abdominal pain or more. They are not life-threatening disease, but can be very annoying and embarrassing.
If symptoms are described with increasing frequency, or to persist for some time, you can not wait to see a specialist consultation is required in this case -. doctor will order make sure you gastroskopowych studies to rule out bacterial infection and ulcers Then, after a proper diagnosis, take appropriate measures. further treatment.
u treatment of gastric disorder / u be an easy task. People with this disorder often go from doctor to doctor in hopes that in any way they can to help them. Unfortunately, many doctors and neurotic disorders are not treated too seriously. neuroses of the stomach, because it does not endanger life, only in a very advanced form it can be an emotional breakdown, and thus the physical exhaustion.
u Drugs / u should be under the supervision of experts. neurologist or psychiatrist can prescribe antidepressant medication and anxiety, thereby reducing feeling of nervousness, fear, anxiety and related symptoms. how to use these funds is determined individually for each patient.
addition to medications, psychotherapy should be used, whereby the patient can learn to cope with stress. u Psychotherapy / u psychosomatic Patients may recognize the need for patients to make certain changes in their lives, to justify them by showing the relationship between specific experiences psychotraumatyzujÄ…cymi. new beginning or a worsening of somatic symptoms
treating neuroses of the stomach, we also take into account the different relaxation techniques u / u, for example, relaxation massage - relax muscles, restore restful sleep, improve blood circulation and calms your nerves - or music therapy - especially the song you listened to in a friendly environment definitely improve your mood - .. Natural Cure is a wonderful way to treat this unpleasant situation
effective in combating the disease can be a seafront cosmetics / u an infusion of herbs - such as. lemon balm or mint and soothing, but under the condition that is consistently applied and for a longer time
It is extremely difficult, but you must learn to combat stress and maintain in the nervous calmness situations -. not think about things that cause anxiety Besides, I like most outdoor activities and do not worry too much about what others are saying

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