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Wellbeing of women and hormones

. Being of women and hormones u very irritating if a partner and doing a catastrophic vision of the end of your relationship

u extremely irritating if a partner and doing a catastrophic vision of the end of your relationship - before brawl breaks out, make sure that in the next period is not responsible for their irritability Female hormones govern -. Common belief is not far from the truth Our changes mood, tearfulness, radiant complexion, and even smell -. depend on a womans cycle, why one day you feel good, and the other -. fear we pass a mirror to the menstrual cycle affect our mood / u?
b attractiveness during ovulation / b
At the time of ovulation, most women do not complain about their welfare and compassionate view of others. especially around ovulation are bright, light, more energy, / em -. During a Pearl ovulation, estrogen levels are highest. So at this point looks very nice. We know estrogen is responsible for the development and functioning of the female genitalia. addition This impact on the creation of profiles of women, have an impact on the psyche and emotions of women, and libido. It is the special nature of the prompt treatment, and the men and women to create, this is the reason why around ovulation, a woman feels and looks very nice, has a unique desire for sex.
b Jump progesterone / b After ovulation, estrogen levels fall, the fall mood, performance, pimples can occur. / em - explains - close up periods, particularly when the hormonal balance is not maintained, because the womans cycle not only estrogen, progesterone is also luteizujÄ…cy hormone, follicle stimulating hormone. / em Each of them meets certain hormones in the body. Progesterone, which is responsible for preparing the uterus for implantation of the egg and for the regulation of body temperature. As a result, , track your cycle using the monitor cycle, Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp or Pearly can accurately determine ovulation and infertile later time.
b burden of PMS / b At this stage of the female body accumulates more water frequent abdominal bloating. skin looks even worse, there are places, and sleep disturbances. before menstruation, women often experience chest pain, fatigue, irritability, tearfulness. Its like I hate PMS also depends on the level of hormones. Doctors say that the most upset are those women who have a fairly high level of testosterone. However, according to gynecologists for the symptoms of PMS affects about 20-40% of women and 5% of women have PMS symptoms so severe that they prevent normal clear personal and professional life. At a time when menstruation, the cycle begins again. Even the first few days of menstruation women often complain of abdominal pain and tension in the chest, and later followed by significant improvement in mood and appearance.
b Observe yourself / b If not using hormonal contraception, which stops the cycle, you do not ovulate, so there are no hormonal processes -. she will notice changes in your mood want to look at your body, so you can easily pick up irregularities, and to prepare for the physical changes in mood and provide more peace and rest in the worst days.

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