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What are the symptoms and how to identify lung cancer?

What are the symptoms and how to identify lung cancer Lung cancer u ranks first worldwide in terms of cancer deaths

u Lung cancer ranks first worldwide in terms of mortality from cancer symptoms are usually associated with the presence of tumor mass in the bronchus main risk factor for developing lung cancer - .. make up about 90% of all causes - smoking cigarettes / u
u symptoms of lung cancer / u u
depends on the local spread of tumor: / u
cough - with variable character in smokers .. -, / U This painless, non-invasive form. Research can be found on tumors much earlier than other standard diagnostic methods
u addition of computed tomography, lung cancer can be diagnosed in the following ways: / u u Chest x-ray / u - find a suitable advanced cancer - more than 1 cm - is not obscured by other structures of the chest; u microscopic examination of sputum / u - coughing up by the respiratory secretions of patients can be subjected to microscopic examination to look for cancer cells, u bronchofiberoscopy / u - through nose, the lung is inserted into the flexible tube with a camera on the end - .. It also allows direct viewing of the bronchus inside the test allows both tumor samples and excreta for histological examination of the bronchi can be seen from the inside and the fluorescent light, which was attacked by cancer tissue, the light differently than healthy tissue This method is called autofluorescence Bronchoscopy
u also use .. / U
u MR / u - MR - tissue visible images using magnetic fields; u positron emission tomography / u - PET - assessment of tumor spread in the body; u Thoracentesis / u - search for cancer cells, by examining the fluid accumulated in the chest - for this purpose the needle pierced his chest -; u Thoracoscopic / u - Operating search areas of the lungs and other chest detecting lung nodules; u mediastinoscopy / u - to assess the spread of cancer in the body - through a hole in the neck is inserted into the chest surgical instrument, and then retrieved lymph nodes, the pathologist who evaluated the presence of cancer cells -.

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